Neurological System Conditions and Benefits Under SSA

California law firms usually employ lawyers who are knowledgeable on the medical conditions of the claimants so that there will be no difficulty on the gathering of evidence and of proving them in administrative court or in the Social Security Administration.

Although they are not doctors, they have the technical know-how regarding the proper medical procedures as well as the medical records that could support your disability claims.

Social Security Disability lawyers are well-informed on medical terms

The attorneys  assigned to you are well-informed in the matters of the laboratory examinations and other rehabilitative measures that are significant in ruling out a condition. You can rely on their expertise on these matters and fully delegate the matters to them.

All you need to do is to concentrate on your treatment and rehabilitation so that you will be able to gain your strength and get on with your normal life again. After all, when the lawyer has finally proven your claims in the proper forum you can be assured that you will receive the disability benefits under the Social Security Act.

Neurological and Brain Conditions

Brain conditions encompass malignant brain tumors, multiple sclerosis and traumatic brain injury. Neurological conditions include grand mal or psychomotor convulsive epilepsy petit mal, psychomotor, or focal non-convulsive epilepsy. Cerebral palsy that is accompanied by communication obstruction owing to defects in vision, hearing and speech is likewise included.

Proof submitted by Social Security Disability lawyers

Technical proof should be presented in order to show the reaction of a person to certain activities that will gauge his or her capacity to work productively. The central nervous system’s dysfunction should be supported by appropriate diagnostic procedures and exercise response examinations. Mere allegation of seizures and other dysfunction is not be sufficient to prove the existence of the disorder.

It must be clearly shown that there is an existent disorder and due to its continuation the capacity to engage in manual labor is particularly limited. The State understands your condition especially your physical limitations due to motor function disorders nonetheless, a substantial proof is necessary to be eligible for the disability benefits since this will be the basis of the Social Security Administration or the administrative judge in granting your application.

There are also times that emotional instability as well as destructiveness is noted in patients with CNS dysfunction. This will require a certification from the appropriate health care professional attending the claimant to prove the degree of the effect on the person’s state of mind.

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